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Welcome Valparaiso Area Ball Association coaches, players and fans!

We support boys and girls from the communities of Valparaiso, Agnew, Raymond, Ceresco, Davey, Weston, Brainard and Dwight.

The purpose of the Valparaiso Area Ball Association is to:

Promote, enhance and govern organized youth baseball and softball in the Valparaiso, Nebraska area with an emphasis on developing character and sportsmanship by stressing the value of, and an appreciation for, the fundamentals of baseball and softball while helping youth gain experience and skill in organized baseball and softball competitions.

2023 VABA Board Members:
Aaron Pierce, President

Shane Jensen, Secretary/BB Rep
Becky Grant, Treasurer
Karla Lechtenberg, SB Rep

Roger Benes

Vaden Hellerich

Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm unless otherwise noted. Next board meeting to be announced.

I will...      
 • Keep the rules
  • Keep faith in my teammates
  • Keep my temper
  • Keep myself fit
  • Keep a stout heart in defeat
  • Keep my pride under in victory
  • Keep a sound soul, a clean mind
and a healthy body
~ From the American Legion Baseball Website

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