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Teams that play on Field 1 are required to provide 3 concession stand volunteers. Two must be adults, with the option of one volunteer that is 14 or older. One person will need to man the grill.
    First Game: Two volunteers need to report 45 minutes to 1 hour before game
    time and one volunteer at least ½ hour before game time.
    Game 2 and 3:  All three volunteers report at the end of the previous game.

After Completion of Your Teams Game (both fields):
Coaches, players and parents are to assist in the following: Rake around the bases, pitchers mound and home plate. Clean out and sweep both dugouts. Clean up trash around bleachers, empty trash containers in the dugouts and near the bleachers into the receptacles north of Field 1. Players should not be dismissed until these tasks are completed.

After Completion of Last Game (both fields):
In addition to the
above tasks, assist coaches by: removing bases and inserting base plugs, turning out field lights and locking up restrooms. Again, players should not be dismissed until these tasks are completed.

Crows Nest:

After completion of game, pick up all trash in crow’s nest and place in receptacle provided. The controller on Field 1 needs to be placed in the cabinet and the controller on Field 2 needs to be placed back into the bag and hung on the hooks. The Village of Valparaiso has requested that there is to be no sitting on the ledge of Field 1's crow’s nest.  Please make sure to close the doors when finished in the crow’s nest.


Since VABA is leasing the facilities from the Village of Valparaiso, any damages sustained during the use of the ball diamond facilities will be repaired and billed to the Valparaiso Area Ball Association.

Batting Cage Rules:
1. No spikes on carpet. Metal spikes may be worn in batters box and on rubber matting only.
2. Clean up seeds and trash in cage.
3. Please sweep red dirt into batters box with broom and tamp dirt with tamper after each usage of the cage.
4. Players should enter at back of cage with cleats on.

Concussion Training

At least one coach per team is required to take concussion training online. Link below.

On their website, you first need to create an account with CDC TRAIN.

Then you will be able to take the online training course. This should take no more than 10 minutes.

Once completed, please send copy of certificate to

so VABA can keep a copy of the certificate of completion on file. 

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